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An ipe boardwalk creates a deck pathway that can resist heavy duty commercial traffic such as the kind on Coney Island and the Jersey Shore Boardwalk. Whether it is installed for the masses to walk on or as a garden path, it will resist mold and rot for over 35 years. An ipe boardwalk can be used to negotiates challenging topography or as an elegant form for private access to a beach. 

Since most boardwalks are for commercial project there is a lot of liability involved in building them. This is why it is important to choose a hardwood such as ipe. Unlike other wood it will not warp or splinter, which can be dangerous with people tripping or getting splinters. Plastic boards are more slippery and do not offer the same traction as ipe. 

Often boardwalks will be ocean-side and be exposed to daily traffic and harsh elements. Even with direct exposure to sunlight and constant shuffling of sand will not deteriorate an ipe boardwalk. Ipe is the contractors choice wood for large scale marine applications since it has demonstrated time and time again to outlast any other natural wood or composite deck material. Usually, for boardwalks the wood is left unstained and will turn a silver color. 

Ipe is the premier exotic hardwood for a modern garden path and is less labor intensive than a stone or concrete trail. Ipe can be used to create a walkway even in sloping or wet areas and can withstand Florida’s tropical climate.

Since boardwalks are usually near water, it is important that they offer great traction. Ipe wood offers this non-slip feature. Also, since ipe is a natural product it will not be a biohazard for the people walking on the boardwalk or the flora and fauna around it. Also, as a natural product it is more pleasing to the senses. People generally walk on boardwalks to get closer to nature and to get away from the concrete jungle. Ipe hardwood used for boardwalks gives a break from the hard pavement of city streets and sidewalks while still offering the strength for heavy traffic from pedestrians, bicycles and even motor vehicles.

When deciding upon garden path or boardwalk there are several factors that must be considered. Boardwalks made in concrete, stone or pavers require a lot of excavating, creating a lot of disposal soil. This means renting specialized equipment and also paying for the debris’ removal which means the installation will be quite lengthy and expensive. With an ipe boardwalk the process is much simpler since we simply secure wooden 4x4 posts into the ground with concrete; creating the underlying structure and then placing the boards. Typically boardwalks are constructed with 2x6 and 2x8 structures. 

Shorter ipe boards are less expensive than longer ones, which helps keep the cost of boardwalks down. 
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