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Quality Ipe Pool Deck Builders Miami Florida 
An ipe deck is the perfect companion to a dazzling pool! A hardwood deck is the seamless complement to any backyard pool because it expands living space, which can be enjoyed for many years. Whether you have a standard design or a custom deck, we provide you with the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art craftsmanship so you can take advantage of the beauty of outdoor living for family dinners and outdoor lounging. 

Pool decks are also perfect for commercial spaces from everything luxury resorts to boutique hotels. Thanks to its cool surface temperature, a pool deck will not heat up in the peak hours of sunlight or on the warmest summer days. This makes it perfect for barefoot feet, even for the youngest guests. Also, heavy sunlight punishes most decks, but an ipe will maintain its quality appearance with little to no maintenance. (Hyperlink back to our maintenance page)

Another feature that makes ipe decking perfect for commercial venues is that unlike traditional decks, it does not wear as easily. Even after years of wear and tear and exposure to the elements it does not splinter or crack, so it is a safe surface for everyone to walk on. Additionally it is a non-slip material, an important aspect when you have people playing and running by a pool.  

Ipe is a fantastic material to use at any ocean front location too. Usually salt water poses a challenge to the decking, fasteners, hardware, deck stain, etc. but not with an ipe deck thanks to its high density interior. When properly installed, ipe can be used for large scale marine projects such as ocean-side boardwalks and piers. In fact, ipe is the benchmark decking material for all exterior hardwoods and is known as the king of decking materials. For this same reason, ipe decks are safe to build around both chlorinated pools as well as salt system pools. Some natural materials are not appropriate to use with a salt water pool and but that is not the case with ipe. Ipe can be exposed to saline without having coping or deck damage and the color will stay as long as your ipe deck is protected with a UV sealer. If you choose to build an ipe deck pool you are choosing a natural product that will last many decades and will withstand heavy-use as well as the tropical Florida climate.

A great advantage of using ipe wood is that as a natural material you do not have to worry about formaldehyde or other toxic chemicals found in man-made materials. You can read more about the topic by accessing the Formaldehyde Standards for Composite Wood Products Act (Title VI of the Toxic Substances Control Act) (hyperlink to the EPA website: http://www2.epa.gov/formaldehyde).

There are various types of durable ipe decking grades that can be used to create a pool deck which can create an outdoor pool deck without breaking the bank. By using shorter length ipe boards costs can be reduced significantly. Another option is to use B-grade ipe. It will make the pool deck look more rustic, since B-grade ipe has a more varied grain color and small imperfections, such as little wholes and pin knots or tight knots. 

A different type of wood that has similar characteristics of resistance, flexibility and toughness, which provide high performance for each intended external use is cumaru. Cumaru is also from the rain forests and has a low coefficient of saturation and high density which makes it particularly stable. While ipe is the ideal wood for external pool decking, cumaru is a close second and will withstand saltiness and humidity. Just like ipe it can be used not only for a deck but also for benches, garden furniture, gazebos and outdoor kiosks.

So go ahead! Turn your backyard into your own oasis retreat with a beautiful pool deck. Your deck is your place of rest and it does not take as much time and money as going to a resort. Get the ipe pool deck designed to meet your specific area, something that draws you out into your own outdoor oasis. You can have a lounge area, dining area, outdoor kitchen and grill, a fire pit, a Jacuzzi area; many indoor elements can be brought to the outside.

There are many new trends for pool decks and we can install many conventional or non-conventional pool decks. Convert your pool into a plunge pool for the day and a lounge pool by night with a spectacular ipe deck that features LED lighting or post-cap lights. Including lights into the deck design is a chic way to illuminate stairways and deck entrances. Aside from being aesthetically beautiful, deck lighting also provides a safety feature for your home. We can install ipe cabanas and an ipe pergola to give your pool deck a resort feel. We can also build benches and planters out of ipe to give your deck movement. We have installed many multilevel pool decks with wide steps that can serve as seating and lounging, especially when paired with large pillows. With ipe’s warm, rich color we can build a stunning deck to meet your needs.

When we install your pool deck we consider your property size, where the sun and shade are, the view, your privacy, the proximity to the house, as well as the make up of ground underneath the deck. 
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