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Quality Rooftop Deck Builders Miami Fl
Sometimes the only way to go is up. If you choose to take advantage of your roof for living space, you will want to choose a long lasting ipe deck. A rooftop deck is more exposed to sunlight and rain than any other deck, so it is important to choose the best material possible. Ipe hardwood is called ironwood for a good reason: it is the very best type of wood for exterior applications and it is the best type of wood for resisting the elements. Ipe is a very dense wood, with the same fire rating as concrete. It is mold and rot resistant, and will not succumb to termite or other insects. Aside for the durability that ipe provides, another reason to opt for ipe on a rooftop is that it will keep the temperature significantly cooler than other materials. 

Building a rooftop ipe deck is a great way to take advantage of all of your space and to enjoy your home and your view. So if you have limited yard space, a rooftop deck might be just the ticket for you. 

It is very important that rooftop decks be installed correctly! The first thing you must do if you are considering having a rooftop deck installed is to check the suitability of the roof, as not every roof can be used as a deck. The first thing you will want to look for is the overall condition of the roof. This should be done by a professional, but there are a few things you can begin to look for to get an idea of whether or not your roof is ready for an ipe deck. Cracking, deteriorated caulking, water damage, and uneven spots are all signs that your roof will need to be repaired. You never want water to stagnate in one spot, so having proper drainage is very important. If you and your professional find any sign of damage, you will need to make the appropriate repairs to the roof before we can build your deck.

Another important step in building a rooftop deck is checking the weight your roof can support. Ipe is a very dense and heavy wood, so an ipe deck weighs quite a bit. Each city has different building codes that must be taken into account as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you live in an apartment building you will most likely have to get your project approved by the board of directors or home owner association. You will most likely have to submit your plans to several other entities. For example you will need to have a building inspector approve your plans for safety and urban design commission if your city requires it.

Installing a rooftop deck is similar to building a deck in a suburban backyard but the rooftop location does present some unique challenges, particularly in regards to the decks foundations. One of the challenges in building a deck on a roof is that that the roof is most likely uneven. In a backyard you can adjust your framing but on a rooftop you have to use

You do not want to have fasteners going through your roof so you do not void the manufacturer warranty on your roof. A rooftop deck requires a floating structure. It is not recommend drilling the concrete slap. Once the structure is in place, the ipe deck will be laid and after a lot of measurement and precise cuts, you will have a strong deck with very clean lines. 

Limited property size does not mean you have to give up on having a beautiful deck. In fact, a rooftop deck can be a great way to have a more private space. Decorate with outdoor furniture, a grill, and even an infinity-edge pool and you will have your own personal. An ipe deck is a great investment in your home since it will last many years thanks to its resistance to termites, decay and mold, and is even wear and scuff resistant.
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